First security Inspection Compentition

In order to improve the professional knowledge and step by step proficiency in the Profession, Law, Regulation and Martial Arts for employees to contribute to build the Nghi Son Security Services Joint Stock Company with the strong solidarity, discipline, profession, responsibility and efficiency make the partners satisfied and trust, NSSS hold the first Security Inspection Competition in 2018


  1. Examination’s organizing model

– Participants: All security guards of NSSS;

– Concentration test in groups (team);

– Examination form: Written test to answer question.


  1. Awards.

– Group prizes include:

First prize: 5 million dong

Second prize: 3 million dong

Third prize: 2 million dong

Consolation prize: 1 million dong

– Individual prizes include:

First prize: 1.5 million dong

Second prize: 1million dong

Third prize: 0. 5million dong

  1. Expenditure: from the company’s bonus and welfare funds
  2. A. Implementation organization.
  3. Implementation timeline: in 2 steps

 1st step:

– From 1st of April 2018 to 20th of April 2018: prepare for the contents and plans according to the table of responsibilities;

– From 21st of April 2018 to 25th of April 2018: Review, assemble and finallize the syllabus of training for security guards;

– From 26th of April 2018 to 25th of May 2018: Implement the plan, guide and supervise the examination. Complete the Regulations and the Examination Kit;

2nd step:

– From 25th of May 2018 to 30th of June 2018: Inspection and Final Examination.

  1. Other related department coordinate with organization board in order to implement the the contest plan. All inquiries would be sent to the division of occupational safety and health to gather and report to the Organization board.
  2. The Organization Board agreed that security guards do not get the average scores have to concentrate on examining the knowledge and continuing the re-examination