Nghi Son Security Services JSC: “Celebration of Traditional Mid-Autumn Festival for Children”

Traditional Mid-Autumn Festival” for children of company staffs was held on the 2nd day of October by the Executive Committee of Company.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Hai – Chairman of Company’s Trade Union sent congratulation messages to children.

The event, which organized with many performing arts activities including musical performances, folk performance, etc., was attracted by the children. The organizing Board also gave meaningful gifts of school stationery such as pens, books, etc. for the encouragement of children to new school year. Additionally, the event was also very crowded with children from surrounding area to attend and to celebrate.

Children took park in activities held by company’s union

Gifts from Company’s Trade Union to children joined in activities

A performing activity by Company’s Youth Union

This is annual event of the Company’s Trade Union in order to make an attractive playground as well as an encouragement for the children to study hard to be a good student.