Recruitment notification

Nghi Son Security Service JSC usually recruits security guards to meet the requirements of the security work at major point projects belong to Nghi Son Economic Zone and other protected targets.

  1. Recruitment standards

To have full ability of civil acts. Have clear CV of self and family.

To have a sense of civic responsibility. To have no previous conviction and offence.

Graduated from high school (or equivalent) or higher.

To have certificate of security, firefighting and prevention and labor safety and hygiene.

To have good health, meet the requirements of security work as following:

  • Male:

+ Age: 18-45, Height: 1m65, weight: from 55 KGs or more.

  • Female:

+ Age: 18-32, Height: 1m60, weight: from 50 KGs or more.

Dossier submission include as following:

  • Application (as form).
  • 01 CV (have picture 4 x 6 cm, confirm and affix a seal by local authority).
  • HR certification (as company form).
  • Health certificate of district medical facilities or higher.
  • Notarized high school graduation certificate.
  • 06 notarized IDs.
  • Notarized family record book and birth certificate.
  • 06 pictures (4x6cm) not more than 6 months.
  • Other certificates (if any).