Security service

1.Objects serving.

– The building – office, company, factory, work sites, warehouse….

– Business center, supermarket, bank, school, hospital, hotel, restaurant…

2. Purpose.

– Ensures Security – Safety for all customer activities.

– All acts related to Security – Safety are detected to prevent and treat promptly.

– Application of necessary solutions, and measures and comply with the Vietnam laws

3. Description.

– Prevent the disorderly behavior, sabotage, theft of property or threaten the lives of employees of the customers that they are operating within the protected area.

– Monitor and remind the complying with the Rules, Regulations of contractors and customers employees.

– Check and control people, vehicles, goods, materials which bring in/ out of the protected area.

– Prevent and detect promptly all fire, explosion to treat it. Enforce check firefighting and prevention system, firefighting and prevention drills and rescue periodically.

– Prevent the illegal actions within the protected scope.

– Patrol, control protected objectives according to the security procedures.

– Always survey and build up detail plan for each target to protect. Advice to overcome gaps in Security – Safety

4. Policy

Nghi Son Security Service JSC protect lives and property of Customers/clients 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.)