Thanh Hoa – April Destination

Besides many excellent performances, Thanh Hoa organizes Flower Street, Le Loi and art exhibitions in the opening weeks of the National Tourism Year 2015.
April is the time of Thanh Hoa organized many cultural and tourist events within the week kicks off National Tourism Year 2015. Opening Flower Street, Le Loi event takes place the day 1-8 / 4. Clips from regional Avenue to Monument Road intersection with Crane City is where decorative plants and flowers typical image creation of tangible heritage of UNESCO Vietnam.

Guests enjoy outside, take photographs, and can participate in other exciting activities here as tea ceremony, flower market, country fair, showcasing precious stones … At the same time, hundreds of photos with the theme “life Sen Vietnamese culture” and “Non Ninh Binh water” exhibition in the lobby are also provincial library.


Nhiều sự kiện hấp dẫn sẽ được tổ chức tại Thanh Hóa trong suốt tháng 4

Guests enthusiasts of folk songs, people can participate in dance festival “The Dating rivers connecting the North Central extension” to enjoy the rhythms Dating Ma, Lam River, La river, river Hieu , the river …. Festival was held, 4-6 / 4 at the theater Lamson.

In addition, a number of unique festivals in localities in the province will also take place on this occasion as Festival Le Hoan temple, the temple festival Mai An Tiem, Ba Trieu Temple Festival