Training contend

The trainees shall attend 45 -day training course, including 10 days of political law, 20 days of security operation, 15 days of martial arts.

Content of theory and martial arts

  1. Politic and law

– Political security situation and social security in Vietnam as well as the whole world

– Legal system of Socialist Republic of Vietnam, law violations and legal liability.

– Some contents of Criminal Code and Civil Code of Vietnam related to security operations.

– Some basics of Traffic Code related to security operations

– Examination

  1. Security operation

– Check and make a record

– Incident reporting

– Basic operation of fire fighting

– Instructions and practices some tools equiped for security guards such as: walkie-talkie, rubber bullet guns, titan electric sticks, rubber sticks, metal detector, binoculars, etc

– Security master excecution plan for offices and enterprises

– Patrol activities in Security unit

– Solving incidents happenned in security unit

– Protecting scene activities

– Internal training

– Examination

  1. Statute and martial arts

– Manners and orders while performing tasks

– Standing, moving, attacking posture and avoiding action.

– Practicing situations was suddenly attacked with rudimentary weapons.

– Examination