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The trainees shall attend 45 -day training course, including 10 days of political law, 20 days of security operation, 15 days of martial arts. Content of theory and martial arts Politic and law – Political security situation and social security in Vietnam as well as the whole world – Legal system of Socialist Republic of Vietnam, law violations and legal liability. – Some contents of Criminal Code and Civil Code of Vietnam related to security operations. – Some basics of Xem tiếp

Career Opportunity

(Nghi Son) Recruiting JOC Officers

We are now hiring 02 JOC officers who will join to leading company in the field of providing security services in Vietnam. LOCATION: Nghi Sơn. WHAT WE CAN OFFER–  Competitive salary                                                                                                    Xem tiếp

Recuiting the driver in July 2018

Recruiting the office staff in July 2018

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List of recruitment profile’s documents

No  Name of documents 1 Application as form 2 CV (have picture 4 x 6 cm, confirm and affix a seal by local authority) 3 06 notarized IDs 4 Notarized  family record book 5 Notarized birth certificate 6 cerificates as recruiting request 7 Health certificate of district medical facilities or higher. 8 Others (if any)